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Types of photographers?
We have 100's of photographers listed on our website but they all can't be put under the one category, many have their own speciality they like to focus on because of that we have introduced sub categories on Photographers We now allow our photographers to list what they specialise in from popular choices like wedding photographers to family portrait photographers.

The Association of Photographers
We now allow our photographers to let the public know if they are a member of the association of photographers (The AOP) when they sign up or they can update their profile to include it. The AOP promote, protect, educate and lobby on behalf of all photographers especially in the commercial photographic industry. They can be found on this website:

We have updated our search facility (top right) to now include a postcode search, photographer name search or keyword search for example wedding photographers. Please give us feedback so we can continue to improve our search & website.

Something Specific?
Because we now accept more information from our photographers we can help you find Portrait Photographers in London or Wedding Photographers in Glasgow whatever it is your looking for Photographers Finder will help you find it.